Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan, Specs, Features & Review

Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan

Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan. Bikes in Pakistan have remained consistent for as long as we can remember. Everything is the same, including the shape and engine. A motorcycle company has launched something new in Pakistan for the first time. Jolta released its first electric bike lineup last year.

In keeping with our tradition, we have provided a comprehensive review of Pakistan’s first electric bike, the Jolta JE-70D. It’s a new product on the market, and people have a lot of questions about its power, range, charging, top speed, and so on. Here are all of the solutions.

An electric bicycle is a motorized bicycle with an electric motor built in to assist with propulsion.  There are many different types of e-bikes available around the world, but they generally fall into two major categories: jolta bikes, which assist the rider’s pedal power, and bikes, which include throttle and moped-style capabilities. Jolta Electric Bicycle’s latest Price in Pakistan.

A pack of five dry batteries powers the Jolta JE-70D electric bike. These batteries have a power output of 1000 Watts. You can charge the bike at home overnight. And a full charge of the batteries uses 1.5 units of electricity. The company claims that the batteries can be charged 500 times. That means the bike’s battery will last about 1.5 years. The batteries can then be replaced for around Rs. 3,000 to 4,000, depending on their condition.

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Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in Pakistan

The Price of the Jolta Electric Bicycle in Pakistan is PKR 42,500.

Jolta Electric (JE-Cycle)RS 42,500 PKR

Jolta Electric Bicycle Price in USA

The Price of a Jolta Electric Bicycle in US Dollars is $200.

Jolta Electric (JE-Cycle)$200 US Dollar (Estimated)


  • Blue
  • Orange
Jolta Electric Bicycle


Maximum Speed35KM/H
Charging Time3 Hours
Mileage Per Charge30 Kilometers
Motor Power250 Watts
Battery Power36/12AH
Battery InstalledLithium-ION
Tyres With TubesYes
Disk BreaksNo


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